In July of 2016 the St. Helen Chamber of Commerce had to cancel their annual ORV Jamboree. In an effort to keep the event alive local a couple community members stepped up to see what they could do. They began recruiting volunteers and pulled off a big save. The following years new people emerged and the event was literally taken over as a private company with no apparent transparency and an allusion of “nonprofit” status by seeking donations and volunteers. Many have expressed concern over this as the event was created to be for the community by the community and held on taxpayer funded property open to the public. This resulted in the formation of The 222 Recreational Foundation.

The mission of the Foundation is to promote and enhance the public participation in Northern Michigan’s Recreational Experiences. The Foundation shall raise money to promote and enhance local events benefiting tourism, local business and community involvement and awareness. The Foundation shall promote and enhance respect and cleanliness of the off road trail systems. The Foundation shall raise money and awareness for charitable works through the ORV community and their activities.

Not only does the Foundation intend to continue the ORV competition in August but to also hold various charitable rides, conduct trail clean-ups, create a scholarship program and host a winter event. Members of the committee are made up of local business owners, community members as well as members of various ORV riding groups to create diversity and solidarity. The Committee hopes to recruit volunteers from all spectrums of the local ORV recreation and to work together to benefit the community. Currently, members of The Foundation are working directly with members of the St. Helen Chamber of Commerce, Richfield Township and The St. Helen Bluegill Festival to coordinate scheduling and activities.

No person on the Committee will be paid as this is a volunteer, 501c3 organization. No one person will handle the finances or dictate the activities and regulations of the events. All activities and finances will be discussed in public forums and voted on by the Committee. Meetings are currently scheduled for the 3rd Friday of the month at 7:00pm at the St. Helen Civic Association. Membership can be obtained via the website as well as a copy of the bylaws. The Committee will also post meeting minutes and treasurer reports in full transparency to our members and donors.

Please consider following our Facebook page, bookmarking our website and supporting this mission to promote and enhance the ORV community at Exit 222.

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24 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE”

  1. Time for a change, it looked like this jam was at it’s lowest attendance since the present company took over. Looking forward to the new changes 🙂

    1. Was a volunteer for the “current” organization who took over the jam back in 2016, volunteered for them ever since, until 2019 was the last year we volunteered for them for (2) main reasons: #1 the ORV Jam is just that a family, friendly event, 2019 they decided to add G.D. Politics to the mix, by flying GD Trump flags and a merchandise booth for his CRAP! My wife & I along with a few others thought that was totally un-called for and unacceptable. #2 reason is how the “current” organization” treated/talked to there volunteers, Just talked to another guy who was up there almost every jam until this year and he washed his hands of volunteering for them, because of these reasons and others of his own. So honestly i believe and hope some MUCH better changes will happen in the future.

      1. We have heard many people reach out to us and say the same as you are about how they were treated. This is a 100% volunteer foundation, and nobody will be getting paid for doing anything, or making a living doing this. Which is how it should be. We want all monies to stay in the community, helping the community as a whole. WE want and need all volunteers, you are very welcome to come and meet us at anyone of our meetings or up coming events.

      2. We cannot speak to the merchandise issue really. Certainly we do not want any event revolving around politics. We do hope to have a large marketplace of vendors selling their goods and services. As for volunteers they are the lifeline to any organization such as this. This organization has a large committee of volunteers and hope to build a large membership to work hand in hand to meet the missions we have set forth. I appreciate your input and hope you will be a part of this.

  2. This is awesome! Finally a legitimate organization for the community!!! I can’t wait to see what the future brings… Thank you!

  3. I certainly want to be a part of this organization. I’m all for promoting St. Helen in any positive way possible. Working with all of our other 501c3, 4’s & 6s. Will there be membership dues? Hopefully, I can make it to that first meeting.

      1. So what dose that matter. Good for them if there making a buck. Still brings people in town, fills the campgrounds, restaurants were full gas stations were busy. No matter if it’s a 501c or not there is always someone making money. I can promise u that who ever runs this is going to b stressed out and pissy with someone. I was there this year and years past had a great time kids loved it. Don’t know y u would change that.

          1. Local businesses WERE REFUSED THE ABILITY TO PARTICIPATE by Melissa and Chris. Some of those businesses and ride groups decided to get together and give back 100%, not refuse anyone, not refuse any businesses. I believe the negative people you are referring to are the people that ran the orv jam. They are a “for profit business” that used people to line their pockets.
            Good for them. I wish them luck, hope they have a huge jam next year and buy a new trailer or something

        1. What was pissy was the previous event not allowing local businesses to participate based on personal preference and NOT the best for charitable fund raising. Why ON EARTH would someone DENY money for a “charitable event”?!?!?

  4. I think you are wrong and was there and looked to be good attendance maybe the rise in Covid may have kept a few away. I think the people that are doing the JAM now are doing a GREAT JOB.
    Always going to be a few KARENS in the group….

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