Letter to Township – We Care Group Ride & BBQ

Mr. Bawol,

The 222 Recreational Foundation is planning a large group ride on September 4, 2021.
After reading the article in the paper regarding the We Care Shop we felt inclined
to offer our assistance by doing what we love to do….ride. Participants will pay to join
the ride with proceeds going to the We Care Shop. Arrangements have been made
to end the ride at the Richfield Township Park for a BBQ. Particpants will be provided
with a meal as part of their contribution, hosted by John Sutter and The We Care Shop.

The purpose of the letter is to make sure you know our plans and to make sure we do
not need to request the park. This BBQ is not really an organized event as to where we
need to use the area solely.

Thank you,
The 222 Recreational Foundation Committee

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